Mitwa Unmasked
Welcome to the website of Mitwa Vishwa


 ‘Prem Yoga’ or the ‘Yoga of Love’ is the only  worthwhile pursuit, whether one seeks

 worldly success or Union with the ‘Ultimate Beloved’, for one’s happiness

    Here Mitwa invites you

    To come, and become a part of him, in pursuit
    Share your inner-mind’s pains and frustrations
    For, these are the only fuel, which
     Keep kindled the flame of love
Yes, I am also a player in the Cosmic Dance   
      However trivial,  the role assigned to me   
Glory be to the Dance, to the Choreographer    
             And to the spectacle   
My joy is, just being a part of it   
                 -------Mitwa Vishwa   

Dedicated to
The  Shattered  Hearts,
Which  have silently experienced
The rarest of rare, Ecstasies in Love

And  this is a humble attempt to relive the nameless silent experience