Mitwa Unmasked
Deed of Love

This deed of love
Is the bond created, herenow
Between ‘Me’ and ‘You’
Which expressions means
Only you and only me
Without any gender distinction
WHEREAS my heart beats in pain
Life engrossed in profit and gain
Seeking happiness, but all in vain
The heart, soul and frame beautiful
With all the cares and emotions
Yet unaware of the self and possessions
Constantly on prowl, searching happiness
AND WHEREAS  here we meet,
To enrich life, yours and  mine
With each other’s laments, wails and  glory
Unwritten and untold
Neither conceived nor revealed
Perhaps unknowable
However, the arrangement herein remains
So entirely non-exclusive
And shall last till
Either calls it a day

WHOSE WITNESS, do we need
In this deed of love, we execute
For  heart-aches are the only bounties
Which are in store, any way
Your claims and my gravamens              
Shall all get settled, in heart’s abode
 _______You__________            __________Me_________

                                                                                       Mitwa Vishwa**
                                                                         D-418/1979     Advocate  
                                                                                     (Too short of 420)

*     To be executed, registered and deposited in the safe and sacred repository of heart
**   For your own  pleasure and for mine, do log on to wherein ‘Mitwa Vishwa’  is unmasked  more fully