Mitwa Unmasked
Some of Mitwa's Gazals (in English)


            Gazal -1

            Yes, I’m shy to ask you for favours,
            Where is the surety, my wish will be granted

            Be it your pastime to try, judge and punish
            Call it a sin or a crime, I remain so enchanted
            Ages have gone by, you have not returned
            I remain soaked, with the love you planted
            Curse me not for my wayward behaviour
            For prosecution proclaims, I’m most wanted
            I do not pray for you  or  sing, O’ Lord, tell me
            Does your kingdom get richer, with  hymns chanted

            My zeal will invite the angels to dance here
            Scare me not saying, this place is haunted

            Heart’s cravings have not subsided yet, O’ Mitwa
            Don’t look at me like this, with your eyes slanted



            Gazal -2

            Traveler are you, and  wanderer  I am
            May it so happen, that we meet again

            Pains and hurts caused  are fresh in my mind, yet
            Come, stay with me, if only to cheat again

            Yes, in this ephemeral world, love is the only constant
            Come, drench me, before you are light on feet again

            You know as I do,  that a moment becomes eternity
            Let’s  live this moment, to make life complete again

            Wake up O’ Slumberer, abandoning your indolence
            Avail,  for this opportunity may not tweet again


            Gazal -3

            Stage of life celebrates the on-going saga
            Put on your shoes, invites the dancing floor
            Locked am I, in my own cage, bewildered
            Provide me the key, show me the door
            In turbulent waters, my oars support me not

            Time to encash your promise, distant is the shore
            Cup remains insatiate, bounties abound  avail not 
            Which lure remains yet, kept for me in store
            Play with the body, and be done with it
            Preach not O Father, so says the whore
            Your coming, I await, without phone, sms or promise
            May be bizarre for you, it’s my love hard-core
            There is time still for the dawn, O Mitwa
            Fill my cup, provide me some more

(One would be able to sip more of this wine in the e-book titled ‘Whispers from Beyond’, which is going to be available soon.)