Mitwa Unmasked
Mitwa Unmasked


His legal name is Vishwa Lochan Madan
Was born on July 13th,1955
Schooling from Modern School Bara Khamba Road, New Delhi (1972)
Graduation in Arts from Hindu College, Delhi University (1975)
Graduation in Law, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University (1979)
Joined the Bar at Delhi in 1979, and is still in active practice
Married in 1981 and still is, in the same wedlock
Picked up Master’s Degree in Arts (1990); Master’s Degree in Law (2000) while in active practice

His inner journey became keen in 1990s
Presently he is associated with: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi; Zorba the Budha, New Delhi; Oshodham. New Delhi;  Loving Yourself Foundation, New Delhi; and Pranic Healing Foundation of New Delhi.

His present status can be succinctly summed up thus:

For whom does Mitwa wait
    He himself is at a loss
Key to the secrets, he holds
    But, its use is beyond him
Real joy eludes him
    As his ease remains  without
Pretext: He has also heard of ‘Soul Mate’

Indeed, is a very confused person
    Should one care to know him
A mischievous marvel, shameproof
    With no heart to live in