Mitwa Unmasked
Some of Mitwa's Poems

Indeed flows the river here
         Washing out many a sin unwashed
Come! Call the beauties of nature
        And be one with its pride

One who remains thirsty hereinafter
           Would regret the opportunity, for sure

Sins sensuous!   Regret them not
    Let the energies not sap, unsipped
Dip deep in the fluid, wholly
    Life is here! Life is now!
Curb not the cravings within
    Who can know the joy of other

Unravel the mysteries of life
    Getting soaked with the blood of Sin
Pangs of morrow, worries of today
    Dare not! Bear Not! Leave not!
Come! Let’s do what is possible
    With our little hands, fortune and wit

Does it make any sense
    My longings and your givings
When life is the only reality
    You and I merely  its puppets
Even if we exchange our roles
    It remains just the same

Come! Let us live king-size
    For nothing on earth is better than us
This moment determines the joy of life
    Enjoy! What else can be its focus

No!     Not now!      Never!
    Don’t  let the cravings dies within
Sure enough! It’s the dance of nature
    Let it play! Let it remain! Watch!

Die, die a million times
    Yet the death does not confirm
Why you come? Why you go?
    Chain remains! Bondage or freedom
Bring not! Take not! What’s yours? Float!
    Don’t make heavy your journey

Living is living! Label it not as thine or mine
        Thrilling or chilling, Life is one
Be it Yours! Be it mine! Be it theirs!
        Come let us live! Be! And remain!

In the valley of love, live!
    Get soaked  with its joy! Remain!
Feel its  vibrations sublime
    It is! It was and shall always remain!

When it is not you,
        who provides
Be free from worries,  and relax

Your business is just to toil, having faith
Eleventh hour brings the relief substantial
                 Verily, past testifies this fact

If  for once, it doesn’t happen this way,
                Have patience to observe
Something more precious is coming your way
                                    That is for sure

(One would be able to sip more of this wine in the e-book titled ‘Whispers from Beyond’, which is going to be available soon.)